FBI Blows it – Barrett Brown Arrested

The FBI just shot themselves in the foot. With a cannon.

On Wednesday September 12, 2012, the FBI arrested Barrett Brown. They were dumb enough to do this while he was in chat…

Barrett lives a public life. He’s easy to contact, and it’s pretty easy to find out what he’s doing, he’s more than willing to tell you. If I was going to arrest him, the first thing I would have made sure of was that he was off-line.

The FBI didn’t bother to do that. Not very bright.

Then there’s the case against him. You can tell when a criminal case is in trouble easily. The Prosecutor starts trying to seal the evidence. Read the docket. Note all the the times you see the word SEALED.

Then there’s the stolen laptop. Who stole it? An FBI agent.

The FBI has a huge problem. Sure, they can push through this indictment, and even do their damnedest to keep Barrett locked up until the court date. Their problem is that the Judiciary is well aware that the real FBI doesn’t play by the rules. These aren’t the wonderful people you see on the TV show Criminal Minds. Listen to the video, and compare what you hear with television.

I expect this case to fall apart. Fast. And the FBI to end up with egg all over their faces.


Wayne Borean

Friday October 19, 2012

Additional Information

Free Barrett Brown dot Org

Barret’s Trial Date

The Indictment

Letter from Barrett in jail

Who Got Barrett Brown Vanned?


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