Faux Libertarians

The recent American election was troubling. Not so much for the results, which went as I predicted back in July, but for the aftermath, which is still playing out into the New Year.

What’s really interesting is that we are seeing the same complaints that we saw after the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, just coming from the other party.

The Results

The Democrats gained seats in both the Senate and House, though the Republicans still held their majority in the House. The Democrats also retained the Presidency. While the numbers changed slightly, the balance of power didn’t shift.

Mitt Romney lost badly. While there was only about a 3% difference in the popular vote totals, the Electoral College totals were massively in Barack Obama’s favor. Taking 332 out of 538 Electoral College votes means that Obama won by 61.71% to 38.29% for Romney.

Faux Libertarians?

After every election you hear complaints. If you didn’t hear complaints, we wouldn’t be human.

What’s disturbing is the people who claim to be Libertarians. Claim. Because they don’t match the classical definition of Libertarian. They appear to have no interest in freedom, no interest in:

LGBT Issues

Take the LGBT rights issues. Most members of the LGBT community probably voted for the President. It’s a case of enlightened self-interest. You have a choice between someone who says that he thinks you should be able to marry, and someone who doesn’t, who are you going to vote for?

When I pointed this out to some supposed Libertarians, they told me I was a lunatic, that Romney never said anything bad about Gay people. Guess they didn’t bother checking out his campaign website, which said that he’d happily sign a Constitutional Amendment making same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Second Amendment Issues

A lot of so-called Libertarians claim that they love the Constitution. So how come most of them don’t seem to have ever read it?

The Second Amendment does not mention guns. Not once.

It mentions ‘ARMS’, so in theory it could be talking about Nuclear Weapons. Or spears. Maybe peashooters. It isn’t specific.

A lot of people say they want their guns for protection. The Second Amendment is specific about what arms are for. It doesn’t say that you can have a gun for protection. It says specifically:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

OK. It’s in the Second Amendment to the Constitution, you can own an H-Bomb. Seriously. The right to bear ‘Arms’ has limited to guns by activist judges.

Does the Second Amendment make sense in the 21st Century, with the ‘Arms’ that are now available? Not really. I don’t think anyone wants to see someone like serial killer John Wayne Gacy armed with an H-Bomb. Heck, most people don’t want to see Barrack Obama with the keys to the American Nuclear Arsenal.

Which doesn’t mean that the Second Amendment doesn’t have a point, even today. Freedom does tend to only exist when the People are able to turf out the Ruling Class. Of course you could use an election for that, assuming that you trust the Ruling Class to run elections.

No wonder Americans are paranoid.

Defending the United States

I know a lot of Americans who think the world is jealous of the United States. They think that the world hates them for their success. Any cut to defence spending scares them, because it will let the outside in.

What they don’t understand is that most of the First World pities them, and thinks that they are crazy. Most of the Third World would happily go anywhere they can get in the First World, including the United States, for all it’s faults.

Meanwhile they scream about Government expenses, but won’t cut the military, even when the military says it doesn’t need the money! Take the F-22 Raptor. The military didn’t want any more, but Congress bought some anyway. Congress likes Lockheed Martin.

And the American people would rather bankrupt themselves, then cut off Lockheed Martin’s welfare payments.


Yeah, a lot of people would rather live in the United States than in the Third World Country they are currently living in. Guess what? The United States is not unique. A lot of people would rather live in Canada than the Third World Country they are currently living in. Or France. Or Germany.

Most immigrants are hard working, law abiding people, just like most citizens. Some do jump the line. Maybe they believe that they aren’t safe where they were living, and if that place is Somalia, they might well be right.

The United States is schizophrenic about immigration. Part of the country wants as many immigrants, legal and illegal as possible, so they can use the immigrants as low wage labour. Part of the country is afraid that the low wage labour will cost them their jobs.

Guess what? The United States isn’t alone in that. You’ll find the same divides in England, Sweden, Canada… Well, you get it.

Immigration is like everything else. You need to have rules, but you can’t make the rules too tight. Laws are only obeyed when the make sense, unless you are running a dictatorship.


Americans think they live in the freest country in the world. Exactly why they think this is unknown, because most Americans know nothing about the rest of the world. Maybe they should learn a bit about it…


The greatest Libertarians in the United States belong to hacktivist group Anonymous. Curiously they are regarded as criminals.

Many so-called mainstream Libertarians, like Dr. Ron Paul, are only Libertarian when it doesn’t interfere with their religious views. Dr. Ron Paul has some really good ideas. If he’d drop his religious objections to real Libertarianism, he might get somewhere.


OK, I’ll admit this is somewhat scattered. I’ve been playing with it since before the American Presidential Election, and avoided posting it because I was so damned upset at some of the people who claim they are Libertarians. It is never, ever, a good idea to post something when you are upset.

So I’ve held off. Haven’t posted anything, even though I’ve been writing, because I wanted this to be first.

Happy New Year.


Wayne Borean

Thursday January 3, 2013



4 thoughts on “Faux Libertarians

  1. Believe it or not, some Americans may actually be real libertarians. They may believe government shouldn’t be involved and restrict marriage at all, straight or gay. They may refuse to vote for Romney or Obama, two halves of the same whole. They may think we should almost completely cut “defense” spending and bring every single troop home from around the world, rather than provoking and agressing on other countries. They may believe people have a natural right of movement, even if it’s across the Rio Grande river or some man-made boundary, and all immigration should be allowed. They may realize the US government is pitied and despised by most people on earth, and that the US people are far less free than many others. Above all, they may dislike the US government for the murders and atrocities it commits at home and abroad, and work to end this. Is this true or faux libertarianism? I hope you don’t lump all people in the same group, because we’re all unique.

    1. But they don’t believe in Property Rights, one of the corners of Libertarian Philosophy either.


      1. Some do. I do. I believe in the non aggression principle, that no one has the right to use force or coercion against anyone else’s person or Property. And yes, this includes pollution, as you have mentioned. Individuals and the free market can find solutions that are superior, cheaper, and non-coercive vs government actions. Murray Rothbard and others have proposed some solutions in depth.

        I will say, though, that arguing pollution is a miniscule item when we compare it to the continued and growing theft of every person’s property/money through taxation by their government, inflation through central banks, and, most importantly, direct violence and death against their person through continued wars. I feel my time is generally better spent addressing the rampaging elephant and can more fully consider the buzzing housefly later. But suffice it to say that Property Rights are indeed one of the cornerstones of Libertarian Philosophy.

        By the way, I read many of your posts last night and enjoyed them, especially the ones on Steubenville. And I need to more fully read your Microsoft ones when I have time.

        1. But pollution is theft of another person’s property rights.

          For those confused about this, on another board I pointed out that ‘American Libertarians’ were an Oxymoron because they didn’t recognize property rights, to whit they would kill the Encironmental Protection Agency. Currently the EPA lends polluters a ‘fig leaf’ of approval to dump their Carbon Dioxide garbage on my property. Get rid of the EPA, and I’d be in court the next day suing to shut down every fossil fueled power plant in the United States for dumping its trash on my property WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

          As I said, American Libertarians are Oxymorons. They can’t understand this concept.


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