What Scares the Boogeyman?


I would like to joyfully announce that “What Scares the Boogeyman”, edited by the talented, and probably insane John Manning (of course he’s insane – he’s an editor). What Scares the Boogeyman will be on the shelves in February.

This is a big deal, because it includes my first ever fiction sale!

Yes, I’m happy. Really happy.

John, along with Meghan Graham and Stormy Stogner-Medina have put together one heck of a book. Yes, I have a copy already. In addition to the cover I can share the index. Want to take a look?

Boogeyman Blues by Janet Morris

The Boogeyman’s Wife by Nancy Asire

The Road to Afghanistan by David Conyers

The Fear of the Lord by Robert M. Price

The River Witch by J.D. Fritz

The Cold by Jason Cordova

Blood and Ochre by Thomas Barczak

Testament of Tuff by C. Dean Andersson

Night of the Bettys by Beverly Hale

Jack the Raptor by Chris Morris

Failure to Comply by Michael H. Hanson

The Shadow of a Doubt by Larry Atchley, Jr.

L’Uomo Nero by Richard Groller

Bad Mustard by Bill Snider

Grandma by Wayne Borean

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by John Manning

Apis Primatus by Bettina Meister

Under the Bed by Shirley Meier

I’m really excited about this (did I mention that?) It’s been a great experience working with John and the rest of these writers. I particularly want to thank Janet Morris, who taught me things about the Short Story format that I’d never have dreamed of.


Wayne Borean

Friday January 11, 2013


One thought on “What Scares the Boogeyman?

  1. Rifle owners have never been more frightened, metal doors and shuttered windows offer no protection. The night invader`s eyes are not on electronic things but only on the gun owners most guarded treasure. The lovelorn beast has been in the cold too long and desperately needed the white heat of a screaming and scratching vixen. Fortunately a bullet found its mark and the night invader found no warmth as he was buried in the snow under the porch.

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