Mega – A Fantastic New Resource for Writers

Mega - Kim Dotcom's new File Locker
Mega – Kim Dotcom’s new File Locker

Kim Dotcom is a maniac. But a smart maniac. He’s just offered every creative person on the planet 50 Gigabytes of free cloud storage!

Think about it. You’re a writer. You’ve got a thousand text/document files that maybe take up a gigabyte at worst. Lose them, and you are out of business. Yes, you can back them up. What if your house burns down taking out your computer and backup drive?

Having an additional encrypted backup on the Cloud, that is accessible anywhere, anytime, is a fantastic option. And as long as you keep under 50 Gigabytes, it’s free.

Last but not least, the interface is usable. I’ve seen file management systems that look like they were designed by Satan. This one is good. Also I’ve heard rumours of people building automatic backup systems for Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows systems…

For that matter Indie Publishers should consider it. Backup, backup, backup.

I’m signed up. Are you?


Wayne Borean

Monday January 21, 2013


2 thoughts on “Mega – A Fantastic New Resource for Writers

  1. I am not sure what the difference there is between this and using google drive?

    Aside from the fact that Mega has a bullseye painted on its forehead. I am not saying that is a good or bad; right or wrong thing. But it is a thing. And, okay I admit I think it us a bad and it is wrong but, it is still a thing.

    1. Let’s see – 50GB of free storage. A free API that programming can hang things like automatic back ups off.

      It’s a win.


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