The Revolution Began in 1969…

Scene of the Battle of Vertières during the Haitian Revolution
Scene of the Battle of Vertières during the Haitian Revolution

It’s rather amazing how many Americans freak out about Marxists, and spend huge amounts of time thinking about Marxist plans for a revolution. What they don’t realize is that the revolution began in 1969, is still ongoing, and that it wasn’t the Marxists, or any of the other ‘ists’ who started it, and it won’t be any of them who wins it.

At which point everyone is going to think I’m crazy. Which I am, but I’m also right. Let’s take a look at why I think what I’m thinking, and you can argue with me about it.

The Revolution

A lot of groups assume that a Revolution will come that will either:

  1. Sweep them into power
  2. Sweep their enemies out of power
  3. Kill all the [insert hated outsider group here]
  4. [Add idea of our choice]

Some societies are more prone to revolutionary thinking than others. The French, Portuguese, Russians, and Americans for example have both suffered from more than one successful revolution (the succession of the Southern States was a success for the first 2-3 years).

Canada has never suffered a successful revolution. We don’t think in revolutionary terms. Nor do the Australians, New Zealanders, or natives of a lot of other countries. Those of us who don’t think in revolutionary terms do know intellectually that they happen. We just have to look at the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Why is the Revolution Important

That will of course depend on which group is pushing for it. Some groups expect universal brotherly love to break out. Others expect to be more equal, like in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Each of these groups thinks that they are currently undervalued or mistreated by society, and some of them really are badly mistreated. If you look at the treatment that certain groups get, whether they are Native Canadians, Native Americans, Blacks, the poor, Jews, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, etc., they have legitimate grievances.

The ‘ists’ try to play upon grievances, real or perceived, to push for change.

Their problem is that they rely on ignorance. If the people who they are supposedly revolting in favor of knew what they actually wanted to do, the revolution would never gain popular support.

It’s too Late, the Revolution has Started

Their problem is that it’s too late. The Revolution has already started. Started in fact before a lot of them were even born. It’s still going on, and probably will still be going on for another twenty or more years.

No one controls it. No one can control it. It’s international in scope, and by the time it finishes playing out it is going to have caused more disruption that all of the wars humanity has fought combined.

So What Revolution Am I Talking About

You’ve probably noticed that there is no international shooting war that’s been ongoing since 1969. In fact you probably can’t think of anything that happened in 1969 that could be considered a revolution.

That’s because what happened in 1969 was totally under the radar of everyone. It was a tiny project at a huge company, that no one even noticed. Mind you it is listed in the 1969 page, it just isn’t what anyone would normally consider a revolution. It was the start of the Unix Operating System project.

Why was the Unix Operating System project revolutionary? Because it was designed from the start as a collaborative platform, and because of the peculiar nature of the corporate AT&T structure at the time (see the United States v. AT&T for details), Unix was allowed to spread freely.

This meant that the basics of the Unix system became firmly entrenched in virtually every other operating system. Most DOS and Windows command line arguments are minor variations on Unix command line arguments. Apple’s Mac OSX and IOS are Unix based, using the BSD family or kernels. Android is Linux based, and the Linux kernel was designed by Linus Torvalds as a more accessible and less expensive variation on Unix (almost all operating systems use some or all of the GNU tools in one capacity or another, or can use them in the case of Windows).

It’s collaborative design is what makes Unix so powerful, and so dangerous to the ‘ists’ who rely on ignorance to foment revolution. Unix makes communication far easier than it has ever been for humans. This allows lies to spread far more quickly, but also allows the truth to reach places it could never hope to reach.

The entire Internet is built on Unix ideas and principles. Some places like Facebook attempt to keep the user inside, but it really doesn’t work all that well, because there is just too much good stuff on the outside. Users have this distressing (from Facebook’s point of view) of wandering off to YouTube, or someone’s personal blog…

Because the other thing that Unix does is it makes sites transparent. It doesn’t matter if you are at Yahoo, Google, Bing, or Dogpile, what matters is where the link takes you. And from there you’ll usually find other links, which will take you even more places.

The Revolution has Been Won!

By Unix. Marxists, Randists, Communists, Corporatists, Facists, are all ashes in the dustbin of history. Unix is the winner.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday February 26, 2013


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