Twitter Nightmares

The Fail Whale courtesy Wikimedia
The Fail Whale courtesy Wikimedia

Twitter is one of the greatest communications ideas ever. But the Twitter software itself is a terrible curse.

I was looking at my Twitter account the other night, and noted some oddities. So I started digging. Somehow a bunch of people had started following me, and I wasn’t following them.

My rule of thumb is I follow anyone, with the following exceptions:

  1. I don’t follow Corporate Accounts
  2. I don’t follow accounts in languages other than English
  3. I don’t follow accounts that are protected
  4. I don’t follow accounts that have never sent a Tweet
  5. I don’t follow accounts that haven’t tweeted recently
  6. I don’t follow SEO sellers

Anyone else, I follow. So I ended up scrolling through my Twitter followers manually, because Twitter doesn’t provide any decent tools to track Followers.

I had tried a couple of the ‘free’ Twitter tools. Quite frankly they were worth the price. Nothing. In the end it cost me about five hours worth of work to get everything manually straightened out.

So why doesn’t Twitter provide the tools to provide lists like this? I don’t know. I do know that it is basic programming, and anyone who understands databases, could do. I considered writing something myself, but it would have ended up costing me more time than just doing it manually.


Wayne Borean

Monday March 18, 2013



3 thoughts on “Twitter Nightmares

  1. That is why I never use twitter. I signed up for it thinking it was a great idea for social networking. I haven’t signed in for over a year now.

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