Steubenville – It Just Won’t Go Away

Steubenville, Ohio
Steubenville, Ohio

Steubenville is the gift that keeps on giving. First we’ve got CNN. The reporters went on and on about how the rapists were affected by being found delinquent (guilty in juvenile court).

What about the victim CNN? What about the victim? What about the other victims? There were photos of other young women naked, on the same carpet that a naked Jane Doe was pictured on. What about them?

What about Traci Lords who says she was raped in Steubenville when she was ten years old? Traci was so upset about the rape of Jane Doe that she talked publicly of her own experience for the first time, and she also wrote and recorded a song about it.

Of course this upset a few people. Here’s one response, I’m not going to link to his YouTube video, because it’s about as accurate as the description.

Traci Lords is a washed up, good for nothing slut bucket that has to prey on somebody elses misfortune to get air time because she can’t get it any other way unless she’s permorming oral sex on people, and getting train banged … She disrespected the entire city of Steubenville, Ohio calling it “Stupidville”!! She also stated that women in Steubenville are treated as second class citizens WHICH IS NOT TRUE! She treats herself as a second class citizen!! I’m not gonna stand for people putting my entire hometown on the chopping block over some alledged alligations that 1 or 2 people may or may not have been involved in… Crime happens everywhere and it’s not fair to throw an entire city under the bus over something 1 or 2 people may or may not have done…

Note that I edited a chunk about a couple of rappers out. Sorry guy, they aren’t ‘alledged alligations’ after there’s a finding of guilt in a court of law. The are considered proven. And no, I didn’t mess with his spelling or grammar, that’s exactly the way I found it.

Then of course two girls were arrested on Monday for threatening Jane Doe. This falls under Dumb and Dumber. The threats were made on Facebook and Twitter! But when victims have this sort of harassment to look forward to, it’s no wonder that Rape is an under-reported crime.

The Questions

There are a bunch of questions that the whole situation has left unanswered.

1) It became pretty obvious that Jane Doe and her friends were used to drinking. This wasn’t the first time, and they had a decent idea of how alcohol would affect them. So how did Jane Doe end up unconscious with no memory of the night? I used to drink a lot. Complete blackouts are rare. I don’t think I’ve ever had one, though there were many mornings that I really wished that I didn’t remember what I’d been doing the night before. I really wish that testing for rophenol had have been carried out. It should have been possible to test her hair for traces even two days later.

2) Underage drinking has always been around. Parents know about it, and most of them work to stop as much of it as possible. Based on the comments during the trial this sort of underage drinking party was far more common than they were when I was a teen. My parents had done the same things, and knew the tricks. It was damned hard to slip stuff past them. You’d think that the Steubenville parents would have the same experiences, and same ability to limit the amount of drinking. So why does it sound like underage drinking was so widespread?

3) Where were all the adults? It seems totally impossible that the partiers ran into no adults. Yes, kids can be good at hiding things, but this good? It’s like the adults were avoiding seeing things, or possibly were supporting the partiers.

4) Why didn’t any of the other kids step in when things got ugly? That one is simple. Peer pressure. But that implies that this sort of thing had happened in the past, and that the ones who were likely to step in and stop the fun were no longer getting invited.

I wasn’t there. I’ve never been to Steubenville, I don’t know any of the people. These are just questions that I’m asking, based on my own experience with small town living. You do things differently in small towns, like the time I picked up condoms for a friend of mine because he was terrified his Dad would find out if he went into the drug store himself.

Like there only being one beer store in town, so you could find out who was having a party on Friday night by watching who drove into the parking lot. Or the continuous low grade warfare between the townies and us country kids who were bussed into high school.

There’s things about this case that just don’t make sense. That Jane Doe was raped? That makes sense. It’s the rest of the background. There’s a lot of stuff hidden underground that we haven’t seen yet, and I guarantee it won’t smell like roses.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday March 20, 2013


3 thoughts on “Steubenville – It Just Won’t Go Away

  1. Thank you for raising these questions in a public format, I’ve pondered many of these questions myself over the course of this case. Where were these parents? I raised two kids who were not angels by any means and if they were doing something sketchy, Because they weren’t angels which by the way, most teens aren’t, there were consequences. It all makes me sad. Sad for these kids who seem to have no one who cares enough about them to call them on carpet and sad for the victim, who is repeatedly victimized by the media, age-mates and adults who can’t see what’s happened here.

  2. Oy, my fingers got away from me. I meant to say if they were doing something sketchy, I made it my business to know about it. Sorry, I kind of sound like the guy you quoted. LOL

    1. So did we (our youngest is nineteen). Sure there were things they got away with, but we knew most of what was going on. In fact we knew a lot of things that they didn’t think they knew. Nothing bad, but it surprised the boys that we knew about a couple of their escapades.

      Thing is, if you are a parent, you watch your kids. And you watch your neighbours kids when they aren’t around.

      So why wasn’t anyone watching? The amount of alcohol use described makes it pretty clear that this was a regular thing. The amount used meant that they had a supplier. If someone is hung over, you can still smell the booze on them in the morning.

      Unless you are brain dead, or complicit.


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