Barrett Brown – Hurting the Government by Believing in the Constitution

Barrett Brown courtesy D Magazine
Barrett Brown courtesy D Magazine

I know Barrett Brown. Not well, but we’ve spent time chatting online, and he’s a nice guy. A damned nice guy. I wasn’t online the night he got raided, but I could have been.

In fact the FBI probably has chat logs with my name, and if they grabbed his email accounts (which I assume they did), emails that we traded. I don’t know anything more than has been reported in the news, but I’m not stupid. I’m an analyst, and my analysis is that the prosecutor and the FBI have screwed up big time.

Without going over the charges in detail, Barrett was picked up for threatening a Federal Officer, and after that, they started piling charges on him. The aim appears to be to send a message to everyone that you shouldn’t mess with the United States Government, since the original incident wasn’t all that serious. It wasn’t anything that hadn’t been done before by someone else before, and ignored by the government.┬áThe problem was that Barrett Brown is far more dangerous than Orly Taitz, he’s intelligent, so they decided to do something about him.

The problem is that the intended message, and received message, aren’t the same.

There are a lot of people who are paranoid about the American Government. People like this left winger, who believes that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy. Then there’s the thousands of rumours about Area 51. Never mind Orly Taitz and her ongoing attempt to prove that Obama is an Indonesian-Nigerian Muslim.

Most of the citizens of the United States don’t trust the Government. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when the United States Government was respected by the citizens.

I’m not an expert in American history, so I don’t know when things started to go wrong. I do know that┬áTricky Dick Nixon did some damage. The Iran-Contra Scandal did more. Never mind sending Fidel Castro poisoned cigars…

So you have an Electorate who doesn’t trust the people they elected. That lack of trust is reciprocated, the three branches of the Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary) don’t trust the Electorate.

So the message that the Electorate is going to take from this, is

In Anonymous We Trust, the Government Can Go Fuck Itself

Is that really the message that Government wants to send? The United States has nearly one percent of its population incarcerated. If one percent of the free people decide to join Anonymous, the Government is in deep trouble. It can’t afford to jail that many people, from the most productive and creative demographic, and that’s where Anonymous is strongest.


Wayne Borean

Thursday March 21, 2013


2 thoughts on “Barrett Brown – Hurting the Government by Believing in the Constitution

  1. Mike Masnick at TechDirt is reporting that there are changes planned for the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, changes that will probably make it worse.

    How much dumber can the Legislative Bramch get?


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