The Battle for Ebulon

The Battle for Ebulon
The Battle for Ebulon

Yes, I have a short story in this, my first shared world venture. I’m working on another shared world story right now, will tell you if it sells.

Oh, and the dogs gave me a reflective vest for Father’s Day.


I think Rose and Kleo are hinting that I need to take them for more walks. Unfortunately it’s spring, which means mosquito season. Long walks at night leave you thinking that living next to Castle Dracula probably wasn’t all that bad…


Friday June 7, 2013



2 thoughts on “The Battle for Ebulon

  1. They gave you a protective vest and the poor darlings left it to you to buy some Deep Woods Off. Off even makes a little gadget you can wear on your shirt or belt loop so you don’t have to spray it on. Come on Wayne, look into those sad, sweet eyes…
    Congrats on your short story being published! This is very good news!

    1. Yep, sweet sad eyes. My girls are cute 🙂

      Yes, that’s another one down. Now to finish the one that I’m working on that is 90% likely to be sold!


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