Promoting ‘What Scares the Boogey Man?’

What Scares the Boogey Man?
What Scares the Boogey Man?

Promoting a book is a lot of work, even if your story is only one of many. There’s a lot of things to do, talk about the book, attend conventions (useful for certain genres), blog, tweet, facebook…

And then there’s reusing the character.

I’ve sold a second Grandma story. Her first outing is What Scares the Boogey Man? set in 2011. Her next story is in the Terror by Gaslight anthology, which should be out in the Fall of 2013, and is set in 1909. Yes, that’s right, I’m backfilling her history.

I’ve got another story starring her, set in 1922, which is probably sold, and another one set in 1926, which I think the editor is going to take – as soon as I finish writing it!

She’s got some other swings at fate scheduled, including being in Rome when the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar happens. Yes, I’m having fun with her!

The thing is, in the new publishing paradigm, where ebooks are in print forever, having a series character that shows up in a bunch of books, should help sell the earlier books if the reader likes the character.

And yes, I’m looking at doing a Grandma novel at some point. Because promotion doesn’t end when the first book comes out, it goes on forever.


Wayne Borean

Monday June 24, 2013


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