Software Upsets – Microsoft Windows and Writing


What do you do, when a friend complains that Microsoft Windows has stopped working. Again.

When you make the obvious suggestion, that possibly it isn’t a good idea to use Windows if it causes that many problems, you get screamed at. It’s too expensive to buy a Mac. It’s too expensive to switch to Linux (though all it costs is a blank CD-R or DVD-R).

Think about all the software they bought for Windows! It’ll be totally wasted if they use another operating system. And they’ll have to learn a new way of working…

Fine. I understand all that. In fact when I sit down at a Windows computer I have problems using it, because the layout is non-standard. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve. No, it isn’t that hard.

My point is, if you are complaining about your computer doing things you don’t like, and ruining your productivity, and ask for suggestions, you are going to get them. There’s no reason to get upset at the person making the suggestion. You asked for it.

There’s no reason that you have to follow the suggestions you get. That’s your choice. But if you continue to use an operating system that you know is a problem, well, you’ve got to expect more downtime in the future.

And for writer’s, downtime costs us a lot of money.


Wayne Borean

Sunday July 14, 2013


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