Sparks in the Wind by Shirley Meier

Sparks in the Wind
Sparks in the Wind by Shirley Meier

With great joy, I want to announce the re-release of Shirley Meier’s book, Sparks in the Wind.

I had a lot of fun editing the book. I also came to love the characters. Shirley has written a book which is exciting, uplifting, and well, incredible. But rather than believing me, why don’t you read it yourself?

Sparks is currently available as an ebook from:



Barnes and Noble



We are working on getting Sparks into the Sony and Diesel stores as well, and if there is enough requests, we’ll look at going to a print run.

Now I’m editing The Clarion by Michael Badillo. A long with writing a half dozen more short stories 🙂


Wayne Borean

Owner, Argilla Tabula Publishing

Friday September 20, 2013


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