Steven Blaney wants to waste your taxes by being “Tough on Crime”

Steven Blaney
Steven Blaney MP for Lévis—Bellechasse

Dumb, and Dumber.

Yes, I’m picking on a politician again. I know I shouldn’t. The pressures of the job are such that they can’t help but say things that are less than intelligent.


I found this in my inbox today. I’m on the mailing lists of most of the major politicians in Canada. Politics is a hobby. A lot of times I don’t comment, but then you get something that is so stupid, that you don’t have any choice.

Problem is, the Steven Blaney doesn’t know how stupid his statement is. I’ll explain after you read it.


There’s a reason why we’re tough on crime.

We believe that the rights of victims are more important than the rights of criminals – unlike our opponents.

We’ve passed many bills to get tough on crime – including tougher penalties for child predators, sex offenders, and other violent criminals.

If we lose the next election, you can bet our opponents will repeal every single tough-on-crime law we’ve passed.

We can’t let that happen.

We launched the Seize the Moment campaign because we believe that Canada has an even brighter future ahead of us.

We can’t let our opponents take us backwards.

We need to reach our goal of $2 million by tomorrow or we risk losing our fundraising advantage.

Donate $25 or whatever you can afford today – we’re counting on you.


Steven Blaney
MP, Lévis-Bellechasse

That’s the entire email – the only thing I’ve removed is the donate button (but I left another link to the donation site intact).

So what’s wrong with this?

Steven Blaney assumes that jail time acts as a preventative against crime. He’s dead wrong on that.

Based on his email I’m assuming that he’s never spent any time in jail. I’ve spent time in both Maximum and Medium Security, in the prison system. While I was in, I learned all sorts of interesting things. Most of the people I was in with, were repeat offenders.

Repeat Offenders.

Jail time had no impact on whether or not they re-offended.

That doesn’t mean that jail isn’t useful. I’ve written about Robert “Willy” Picton in the past. Picton is the perfect example of the sort of person who should not be allowed out in public. Just like Clifford Olson, and Paul Bernardo. They are too dangerous.

Other people, like one guy I met, had serious problems. He was an alcoholic, and in jail on his 15th impaired driving conviction. Or take Rob Ford, who I’ve never met, but based on his statements to the News, I suspect is also an alcoholic. Jailing people like this does nothing. Getting them the help they need, not only costs less, but produces more in income taxes:

  1. With help they remain capable of being employed
  2. With help they are less likely to be hospitalized for alcohol related diseases
  3. With help they will live longer
  4. With help their children won’t be as badly impacted

Jailing an alcoholic is a waste of resources.

It’s the same with drug addicts. I met a lot of guys in jail, who ended up there because they were stealing to support their habit. Jailing them did nothing to break the habit, and they ended up coming back, again and again. Help in breaking the addiction, would break the cycle, cost less, and be far more efficient.

Steven Blaney wants to waste your taxes. That isn’t very bright of him.

Oh, and yes. He has a copy of this.


Wayne Borean

Monday December 30, 2013


2 thoughts on “Steven Blaney wants to waste your taxes by being “Tough on Crime”

  1. Being tough on crime means being against rehabilitation. You gotta make them pay, rather than help them. Forget the fact, that helping them means helping ourselves too.

    1. I was trying to be polite. Well, somewhat polite.

      Effectively “Tough on Crime” equals “Stupid on Crime”.

      If you want to waste your resources by gambling in Las Vegas, or buying something that you can’t afford, fine. You don’t have the right to waste my resources too.


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