2013 in Review – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Me & Kleopatra
Me & Kleopatra

2013 has been an interesting year. Or, as Mr. Spock would have said, “Fascinating.”

The Good

Doctor Who

I may complain about how silly the Mat Smith years were, but really, the show is an inspiration.

The Bad

Rob Ford

Let’s take Rob Ford. Ignore his politics, they really don’t matter. What matters is the man has massive personal problems, which have interfered with his ability to do his job.

I understand his problems. As someone who expected my favorite brewery to go into bankruptcy when I quit drinking 25 years ago, I really understand.

The problem is, you have to take responsibility. Rob Ford has danced, dodged, and twisted to avoid admitting responsibility.

As a Libertarian, this bothers me. It bothers me a lot.

Mike Duffy

Then there’s Mike Duffy. Curiously Mike Duffy has the same problem as Rob Ford, an inability to admit responsibility. And by refusing to admit responsibility, he’s dragged a lot of other people into the muck. Of course some people, like Mac Harb, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau were just as stupid.

Wikipedia has a decent article on the Senate Expenses Scandal.

Stephen Harper

For hiring Nigel Wright, and not keeping him under control

Barack Obama

So you pass something into law, produce a website so citizens can take advantage of it, but the website is defective?

Yes, Obama didn’t build the website himself. But he was responsible. Just ask Harry Truman.

Microsoft, Apple, et al…

For bending to the NSA’s wishes, and installing back doors into Windows, OSX, IOS, and damned near everything else we use. This has to be about the dumbest product move ever.

Note that Sony, Nintendo, Samsung, and a wide range of other companies are also suspected of doing the same thing.

The General Public

Remember hearing all those conspiracy theories about the Government (of which ever country you live in) wanting to tag everyone with microchips? The Governments didn’t need to bother, we did it ourselves. You do realize that you can be tracked by your Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Laptop computer, don’t you?

Or they can track you by tracking your pets

The Ugly

Phil Robertson

Yes, he has a right to say what he thinks. And everyone who disagrees with him, had a right to think he’s a moron. What he said was stupid at best.

It’s also a warning. I know people who still believe that Inter-Racial Marriage should be criminalized, that the Jews should held collectively responsible for the death of Christ, that every Muslim is a terrorist, that every person who doesn’t have white skin is a criminal…

What really scares me is that some of these people claim to be Libertarians.

Yes, 2013 was interesting.


Wayne Borean

Sunday January 19, 2014


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