Just Another Writing Book – Introduction

Me and the Book
Me and the Book

Anyone can write. Anyone.

And anybody who tells you different is lying.

If you are reading this, you can write. It doesn’t matter if you are blind, and have to use screen-reader software. As long as you can somehow understand what is on this page, you’ve got the capability to put your own thoughts on a page.

The rest comes down to practice. Lots, and lots of practice.

I’m going to try and cover a lot of details over the next few months. This is all stuff that I learned, mostly the hard way. Why is this book going to be different than any other writing book?

Because it’s from my point of view. This is stuff that worked for me. It might work for you. Let’s face it – if you want to write, and are having problems doing things, this might be your answer. Or not. One of the hard things about writing, is that no two people do things the same way. Some times you have to look long and hard to find what YOU need to learn. I hope I can help you.

Oh, and I’m posting this on the blog to get comments. Feel free to tell me what helped, or didn’t help you.


Wayne Borean

Thursday February 27, 2014




3 thoughts on “Just Another Writing Book – Introduction

  1. Funny thing, Wayne, but I’ve been writing for a while, too. To see how I did what I did, start with https://tycheenterprises.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/why-am-i-writing-books/ and go forward. To see what books I’ve written, go to https://tycheenterprises.wordpress.com/books-by-craig-a-eddy/ and scroll down for each trilogy. Start with the books at the top. Oh, BTW, they are all PDF files, and all under Creative Commons for the time being. The reason is that they are advance copies that lack some of the editing and fine tuning that I’ve been doing since.

    1. PDF isn’t usually the best choice. EPub is better for ereaders.

      Congratulations on all the work.


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