Just Another Writing Book – Chapter 1 – How do YOU Start?

The Canterbury Tales
The Canterbury Tales

How do you start? Very carefully.

What matters to you?

At least that’s one way to ask the question. Another is, ‘What interests you,’ or ‘What do you feel strongly about.’

If you write about something you have an emotional attachment to, you’ll be more interested in writing. The more interested you are in writing, the more writing you’ll do, and the easier research will be.

Don’t write about Zombies, because they are the ‘monster du jour,’ write about them because you are interested in them. Don’t write about a young, orphaned wizard, unless you are interested in a young orphaned wizard.

One of the biggest mistakes beginning writers make, is to try and write what’s popular, instead of what they want to write. Writing can be hard work. It is even harder, if you try and write something that you don’t care about. Writer’s Block is often the result.

Don’t write what someone else tells you to write, write what you want to write.

This is the point where you have to be damned ignorant. People you know, including your loved ones, will insist you should write about cowboys, cops, vampires, zombies, hackers, etc. You have to be capable of telling them to drop dead. Politely of course. You have to live with them.

I have no idea what interests you. You’ll have to work that out on your own. Of course you may already know. Ask yourself, what do you like reading most?

Oh, and as you develop your talent, you’ll learn how to write about anything, at any time. It all comes down to practice.


Wayne Borean

Friday February 28, 2014



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