Just Another Writing Book – Chapter 1 Continued

The Canterbury Tales
The Canterbury Tales

Continuing on…

At some point someone is going to ask about marketability.

Beginning writers should never, ever, worry about marketability. What matters most is learning about writing.

In any field, your beginning attempts won’t usually be saleable. Take J. K. Rowling, she studied classics in university, and starting writing stories as a child. By the time she first submitted Harry Potter, she had years of practice writing.

Simply put, no one succeeds on the first attempt. Remember learning how to ride a bicycle? How many times did you fall off, before you learned balance? Then think back again, and remember how long after the first successful ride, that you became confident. Probably no more than a couple of days, right?

Success breeds success. One win, leads to many wins. Practice makes perfect, as my Mom used to say. But you’ll never succeed without failure. Failure makes you stronger.

Failure is a great learning experience, if you’ll let it be. Most people won’t let it be a learning experience, and fail in the biggest way of all, by giving up.

Sometimes giving up is the best option. A friend of mine was suffering from severe depression. He gave up writing for five years. During those five years he fought depression. It was pretty rough. But when his life was back on an even keel he came back to writing, and used his experiences to become a better writer.

Another person I knew had a choice, between writing, and something else. Both were time intensive. So this person made a choice, and dropped writing.

There are other reasons not to write. The question is whether or not the reason is valid for you. You, and you alone have to make that decision.

Me, I choose writing, and I’m happy with my choice.

Once you’ve decided to write, worked at it, and got some experience, then worry about marketability.  Until you’ve got something to market, it’s a waste of time.

Besides, you’d be surprised what sells. With Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, etc. you have the ability to reach billions of people. There may only be a tiny percentage of them who are interested in something arcane, but 1/100th of one percent out of a billion people is 100,000 people…

So the best way to start is put pen to page, fingers to keyboard, or whatever, and make some mistakes.


Wayne Borean

Friday March 7, 2014



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