Rob Ford is faking it – again

Rob Ford
Rob Ford

Yep. Rob Ford is faking it. His rehab stint is a fake. How do I know?

Simple. I’ve been there myself. I’m rather surprised that the Labatt Brewing Company didn’t go into bankruptcy when I quit drinking.

Point is, Rob Ford is still making all the noises that you make when you are convinced that there’s nothing wrong with you, and that the World is freaking out over nothing. So you make some noises, and figure that the World will forget what it was bitching about in a week or two.

When it doesn’t, you rinse and repeat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with you. The World is getting excited over nothing.

Been there. Done that. Damned well know when someone else is faking it.

So Rob Ford will come back, and will screw up. Again.

And there isn’t anything that the public, the media, or his family can do about it. It is up to Rob Ford. It’s his choice.

Rob Ford’s family isn’t going to want to hear this, and I’m sorry to have to tell them, but Rob isn’t ready to straighten out yet. He may never be ready to straighten out, though in my experience most people do manage. Eventually. When they are ready.

Whether or not Rob Ford will decide to clean up, I don’t know. A lot of people with drinking problems that I know have cleaned up. A few didn’t, and died.

But it has to be his choice. And it won’t happen if he gets elected Mayor again. He’ll consider that perfect proof that he doesn’t need to quit drinking. After all, everyone voted for him…


Wayne Borean

Tuesday May 13, 2014



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