Ontario Provincial Election 2015

Trillium - Official Flower of Ontario
Trillium – Official Flower of Ontario

I overheard a discussion about what Rob Ford really is… It got rather, well, negative. There are a lot of people who don’t like Rob Ford.

What I didn’t hear was a discussion of his impact on the Provincial Election.

Rob Ford, the Conservative

Rob Ford’s Conservative leanings probably come from his father, Doug Ford, who was a Progressive Conservative Member of the Provincial Parliament. Rob Ford has many times made statements supportive of the Progressive Conservatives. I don’t know if he holds a party membership.

Many the policies he advocated as Mayor of Toronto, are generally in line with Progressive Conservative policies. However he recently stated that he couldn’t vote Progressive Conservative anymore, apparently in opposition to their stance on LGBTQ rights.

This is from a transcript of a recording of Rob Ford in a Toronto bar, courtesy of the National Post.

ROB FORD: [They] put this fucking flag up, ahead of our Canadian flag. I said, no, [that’s-what-I’m-trying-to-say] that’s bullshit. Bullshit. They went to Queen’s Park, they said “no way.” Tim Hudak comes out and says “yeah I agree with all the gays.” That’s it. I lost my conservative value on the—

MALE PATRON: You went to Queen’s Park with him. You’re the mayor; you actually went to Queens Park with him.

FORD: No, they went; the, the gay organization went to Queen’s Park and they’re on the stands with him. So at Queen’s Park you have to have every member to vote for ‘em.

I understand that it has been confirmed that this was the Mayor’s voice. Admittedly he had been drinking, and alcohol can have a negative impact on your ability to think straight.

Why does Rob Ford matter provincially?

There’s been consistent rumours that he had political aspirations on both a Provincial and Federal level. Rob Ford also has a solid base of support in the Toronto area, a base that is more than willing to forgive him a few personal problems.

So when Rob Ford says he can’t support Tim Hudak, it’s not like it is Fred, your dentist saying that. Again, from the transcript:

FORD: No, no, and Tim says ‘you know what?’ That’s right. I think it’s kind of—Right there, he lost my vote. I don’t know what the fu—. I can’t vote Liberal, because I don’t like what Wynne’s doing. Not because she’s gay, I just don’t like the corruption. NDP; I’m just not left wing. I am like Tim Hudak but I can’t—I won’t put a sign up on his lawn, I won’t give him any money, I might have to vote Green, I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna vote right now. I’ve gotta vote something.

At least he’s going to vote. I’ve met all too many people who just don’t bother.

This is one of the more interesting elections. The Liberals had literally cut their own throats with the Ontario Power Plant Scandal. The New Democratic Party is still suffering from being lead by Bob Rae, the Buffalo Business Booster of the year (which killed the Federal NDP’s chance of landing a minority government, even though Bob Rae has become a Liberal in Federal politics).

The Progressive Conservatives should have had this election in the bag. Instead, they’ve got Rob Ford in the bag, and the election in doubt.

Oh, Ford isn’t their only problem. Tim Hudak hasn’t been the most charismatic politician. In fact, he’s down right boring. But in many ways, Ford has become their biggest problem. Even if he doesn’t vote Progressive Conservative, most voters tend to identify him with the party, whether the party likes it or not.

And right now things are really tight. According to ThreeHundredEight, it looks like we’ll once more end up with a Liberal Minority government.

At which point, you have to wonder why Andrea Horvath forced an election.

Without Ford, the Progressive Conservatives might have had a chance at a Minority of their own. Might. We’ll never know.

Oh, and someone got arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Rob Ford’s car, and it wasn’t Rob Ford…


Wayne Borean

Thursday May 22, 2014



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