Lt. Ray Albers points rifle in Ferguson
Lt. Ray Albers points rifle in Ferguson

What do you really know about Ferguson?

Probably n0t as much as you think.

I’ve been watching the discussions about what happened. It seems everyone has an opinion, and those opinions boil down to two main ones:

  1. It was a good shoot. Mike Brown deserved to be shot.
  2. It was murder, and Darren Wilson should be charged.

Was it a good shoot? The people who are making this claim are basing it on reports from anonymous sources, who appear to be from the Ferguson PD. We have no way to evaluate what they are telling us, because we don’t know who they are.

Was it murder? The people making this claim may be on slightly better ground, because there were witnesses, who were identified.

Problem with both positions is that people lie. They lie for hundreds of different reasons. Why they lie doesn’t matter right now. What matters is we do not know who is telling the truth.

Even the autopsies that have been carried out are less than useful. There are a bunch of possible explanations for the wound patterns reported, and those possibilities aren’t mutually exclusive.

What is known for certain, is that Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown. Beyond that, we know almost nothing.


Wayne Borean

Saturday August 23, 2014



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