Charles Dickens and Genealogy

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

I have to admit, that I didn’t get Oliver Twist.

There was a lot of Dickens I didn’t get. I always thought that Dickens was being more than a bit ridiculous with his plots.

Then last week, my wife found a document that made Dickens real to me. She was searching for information on my Great-Great-Grandfather William on my mother’s side.

Why does seeing that document help me relate to Dickens? We knew that William’s father had remarried after his wife died. What we didn’t know, was what happened to the kids.

The basic assumption is that they stayed with their father. At least that’s what I assumed.

Then we found out that William was jailed for larceny just after his father remarried. At ten years old!

I didn’t believe the plot in Oliver Twist. I just couldn’t relate to it before. Now I can.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday August 27, 2014


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