Odd Paths

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Research is fun. Often when I’m researching a story I get sidetracked into some really odd paths. This one is a bit odder than usual.

Most people have heard about the Duggars, either from their TV Show, or from the recent revelation that Josh Duggar had sexually assaulted his sisters.

No. This has nothing to do with them directly. I was researching Arranged Marriages, got sidetracked into courtship, and found this woman’s story of her courtship and marriage. it really is a fascinating story, and one I suggest everyone read. The Duggars use a similar for of courtship for their children, which I personally think is harmful to the mental health of both the bride and groom.

And, no. I couldn’t use anything from her story for what I’m writing. Not directly. But anything that expands your understanding of human nature is always useful somewhere.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday June 9, 2015


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