Chronic Pain Scammers

I run the Chronic Pain Daily, which aggregates tweet about Chronic Pain. I have a vested interest in it, because I’ve been a wide variety of pain medications for the last twenty years. In my case, the damage is spinal, and isn’t going to go away. I get to live with this.

So keeping the scammers/spammers out of the Daily is a prime concern. Today I deadfiled four of them.

Seriously. Some of them were dangerous – the guy who constantly tweets that you won’t suffer any pain if you come to Jesus!

The woman who believes that her special little goodies (which appear to be copper bracelets) will cure everything, pain included.

Another woman who has a vlog on how you can stop feeling pain by following these simple instructions…

And last, a website that sells Dr. Oz products.

Sick. Totally sick.

Wayne Borean

Saturday June 20, 2015


4 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Scammers

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I suffer chronic pain as well, and it’s seems as though every other naturopath considers themselves healers of sort. Snake Oil vendors are alive and well, albeit in a different deliver schtick. Your article reminded me of a so-called therapist/healer near my locale that bottled and re-sold a special liniment everyone of his patience swore by as an incredibly effective pain medication. My mother briefly fell for his gimmick, and I managed to acquire sample of his stuff.
    I later stumbled upon a bottled of the exact product in a larger format at local equestrian shop. The therapist was repacking McTarnahan’s Blue Lotion which was labelled “For Equestrian Use Only!”
    The owner also confirmed he was a regular client, but as I understand things, people still drive considerable distances to this guy’s clinic. -sigh!

    1. Some of the scams I’ve been running into are, well, sick.

      There was the preacher who was convinced that no one would ever suffer pain if only they came to Jesus (but they had to come to Jesus the way HE said and no other way).

      There are all the ‘if you eat this fruit/vegetable/vitamin’ people. Sometimes they have a good point. A lot of people don’t eat healthy foods. But even when they do have a point, the diets/additives that they recommend aren’t capable of repairing massive physical damage.

      Problem is, if someone who is suffering finds one of these, it is going to give them fake hope. I didn’t start the Chronic Pain Daily to give people fake hope. I started it hoping that it might really help people.

      So I go through every day, and check every link. And every day I end up banning one or Twitter accounts, and one or more websites.

      I’d love to see these folks hauled into court, and forced to explain why they are preying on desperate people.

  2. Another pet peeve of mine is the small portable Electronic Pain gadgets advertised on the tube by an Asian doctor.
    They promote medication free pain elimination with a pulsating [T.E.N.S.] like device electrostatic shock device, and clearly say.. ‘no more pills’.
    Some of these do help some in a limited way [ depending on the ailment ] , but IMHO, their advertisement crosses the line and should be flagged as fraudulent.

    1. Ah, yes. The joys of the Internet, when a scammer in a foreign country can get away with murder. I think I managed to block them.

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