Charlie Angus and Kathleen Jodouin open Riding Office in New Liskeard

I attended the opening of the New Liskeard riding office that Charlie Angus and Kathleen Jodouin are sharing. Both Charlie and Kathleen gave short speeches.

Over the last few elections I haven’t publicly endorsed a specific party. This election I’m endorsing the New Democrats. Both Charlie and Kathleen will make fantastic Members of Parliament.

I look forward to seeing both of them in Parliament.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday September 16, 2015


Three years ago…

A cat was living in our car port. His ribs were showing, and he was obviously starving, both for food and affection.

So I opened the door and said to him, “Coming in?”

I nearly got run over. Yes, he’s still here, and seems to think that I’m a cat bed.

We are glad you adopted us, Mister Orange.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday September 15, 2015

The Hugo Awards

I’ve had a short essay on what’s wrong with the Hugo Awards published on Zauberspiegel. No, the Sad Puppies aren’t right. No, the Hugo Loyalists aren’t right.

I’m right. Why is explained in the essay, suffice to say I have skills and experience most people don’t have. They don’t need them. I did.

Feel free to comment.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday September 1, 2015