National Hockey League Playoffs – Who Should You Cheer For If You Are A Leafs Fan?

I don’t agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper very often, however one thing we both agree on is that Hockey is the greatest sport in the world. One of the things that the Prime Minister intends to work on after he leaves politics is a book on hockey, and I look forward to reading it (this is not an attempt to talk him into quitting early – but I intend to buy his book when it is published). For that matter, we even cheer for the same team – the Toronto Maple Leafs. Any outside observer would quickly come to the conclusion that we both like lost causes.

The problem is that once again, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make the playoffs, so who do you cheer for? I have a simple set of rules that I follow in the playoffs. I cheer for teams based on these rules, in order.

1) The Maple Leafs (assuming that they make the playoffs)

2) Whoever is playing against the Ottawa Senators.

3) The Canadian Teams (do you know why the ‘National Hockey League’ is called that? Because it was originally an all Canadian League)

4) The Original Six Teams – Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New York Rangers, Toronto

5) The Penguins (my wife likes penguins)

If none of the teams listed above is left, I stop watching!

A simple set of rules, which everyone in the house (except the pets) agree with. Right now my favorites are Boston and Montreal, and yes, I will be watching the game tonight!

Wayne Borean

Tuesday May 11, 2010