Gotta love Spring

Last couple of days it was so cold everyone was wearing winter coats. Today everyone is wearing shorts.

That’s life in Northern Ontario!

Of course the grass needs cutting. I’m not allowed to do it, as it could damage my back further. Some days, like today, it is easier to remember that. The pain today has been off the scale – probably because the last two days were so cold.

Which really messes with my ability to write. When the pain is this bad, I have a hard time putting a sentence together, never mind getting anything done.


Wayne Borean

Saturday June 6, 2015



Chronic Pain Daily and Scammers

Some know that I suffer from chronic pain. There’s physical damage to my lower back, and it has been getting worse. I’m currently waiting on a call back from a surgeon, who hopefully might be able to fix things.

The pain inspired me to start the Chronic Pain Daily both so I could keep up with what is happening, and to help others. It was a good idea but…

Do you know how many scammers are out there preying on people with Chronic Pain? There’s millions of them. I keep blocking them, and more keep popping up.

Scammers are a sick and perverted life form. I’d really like to do something about them. And I probably will. When the pain level drops far enough that I can concentrate.


Wayne Borean

Sunday May 10, 2015