Chronic Pain Scammers

I run the Chronic Pain Daily, which aggregates tweet about Chronic Pain. I have a vested interest in it, because I’ve been a wide variety of pain medications for the last twenty years. In my case, the damage is spinal, and isn’t going to go away. I get to live with this.

So keeping the scammers/spammers out of the Daily is a prime concern. Today I deadfiled four of them.

Seriously. Some of them were dangerous – the guy who constantly tweets that you won’t suffer any pain if you come to Jesus!

The woman who believes that her special little goodies (which appear to be copper bracelets) will cure everything, pain included.

Another woman who has a vlog on how you can stop feeling pain by following these simple instructions…

And last, a website that sells Dr. Oz products.

Sick. Totally sick.

Wayne Borean

Saturday June 20, 2015


Gotta love Spring

Last couple of days it was so cold everyone was wearing winter coats. Today everyone is wearing shorts.

That’s life in Northern Ontario!

Of course the grass needs cutting. I’m not allowed to do it, as it could damage my back further. Some days, like today, it is easier to remember that. The pain today has been off the scale – probably because the last two days were so cold.

Which really messes with my ability to write. When the pain is this bad, I have a hard time putting a sentence together, never mind getting anything done.


Wayne Borean

Saturday June 6, 2015


Chronic Pain Daily and Scammers

Some know that I suffer from chronic pain. There’s physical damage to my lower back, and it has been getting worse. I’m currently waiting on a call back from a surgeon, who hopefully might be able to fix things.

The pain inspired me to start the Chronic Pain Daily both so I could keep up with what is happening, and to help others. It was a good idea but…

Do you know how many scammers are out there preying on people with Chronic Pain? There’s millions of them. I keep blocking them, and more keep popping up.

Scammers are a sick and perverted life form. I’d really like to do something about them. And I probably will. When the pain level drops far enough that I can concentrate.


Wayne Borean

Sunday May 10, 2015


Me and my Sword
Me and my Sword

Yes, I haven’t been around a lot. Quite frankly the pain has been so bad that even the Morphine hasn’t been controlling it. This is not fun.

But I’m going to drive myself to do stuff. Whether I do things or not, I’m still in pain. Even if my concentration isn’t 100%, I’m still capable of shooting down politicians (but then some of them make it soooo easy).

I aim to write something every day. No matter what.


Wayne Borean

Sunday February 16, 2014


Drugs are sooooo much fun

What it works out to is that if I take enough of my pain killers to handle the pain, I’m pretty dopey. If I don’t, can’t think straight as I hurt to much. So it’s a lose/lose proposition. I just came back in from a 5 minute walk with the dog, and I was ready to chop my leg off at the hip. Up until I went out with the dog, it hadn’t been to bad. 5 minutes on my feet, and wham!

Between the drugs and the pain I haven’t been able to sleep, and missed the last two days of work. Hopefully I’ll get some decent sleep tonight, and be able to get in tomorrow.

Besides that I’ve been watching Heather working on the FKO quilt. She has an immense amount of patience, and an ability to work on a fine level that I admire. Whoever gets the quilt in the auction is getting one beautiful piece of work.


I’m not doing FilKONtario this year. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it’s just not practical. There’s just too much walking at the hotel, and not enough places where I can sit comfortably. Heather suggested that I just park myself in the main function space, but the chairs in there aren’t comfortable. If I get to the point where I need to get to something comfortable, i.e. lie down, the rooms are way across the hotel, and inconvenient to get to.

So Heather and Vicky are going, I’m staying at home.

Pain, pain, pain

Last Wednesday I saw the pain doctor. Result is I’m now on Ocycontin, which I am told is known as hillbilly heroin. It is helping a bit, provided that I don’t do anything. The doctor also perscribed me break through pills. Percoset. Now I was on Percoset when I had my wrist surgery, and at that time it killed the pain. It also put me to sleep. This time round it does help – but it doesn’t kill the pain. This may give you an idea of how bad the pain is.

Problem is that both make me sleepy. This is not good.

What a day

OK – so I can’t get Vicky awake, so I just head off for work. Snow starts about 10:00 AM, and continues through the day. It took me over two hours to drive home.

Somehow (I’m not sure of the details) Heather tripped over something in the front room. I don’t think she did any further damage to her foot, at least I hope not.

Vicky and I took Mark for a walk after the hockey game (Leafs lost) and he went nuts in the snow. 50 pounds of dog bouncing like a puppy. It’s the happiest he’s looked for the last month. Poor old guy. He’s now sleeping on the couch beside me – needless to say the couch is crowded.

I’m debating whether or not to go to FilKONtario. My leg is still hurting – about the only exercise I’ve been getting is Mark’s nightly walk, which I refuse to skip. He needs the exercise, and so do I, but I don’t know if I can handle all the walking I’d need to do at the hotel. I have an appointment in two weeks with the pain doctor, we’ll see what comes of it. Maybe I can talk him into prescribing me medical marijuana. There are advantages to living in Canada.

And now I’m hungry – damn you Iron Chef America!


The pain in my leg is really getting to me. It isn’t getting worse – it’s just to damned constant. It really interferes with life. Some examples being:

1) Since Dad died, we have his dog, and I promised that Mark would be well taken care of. One thing I do every night is walk Mark. I love walking him, he’s a big lovable mutt, and those walks are the high point of the day to him (at least the way he bounds around I assume that he likes them). Problem is it hurts to walk him. And I really enjoy walking him. Yes, I could bug the boys to walk him, but I enjoy doing it. So I’m going to continue even if it does hurt like hell. Besides, it’s the only exercise I get.

2) My power supply died on the Mac, so I drove to the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall. As usual there was a lineup, and here’s me stumbling around with a cane. I would have loved to wander around the mall more – I’m not a shopper, but Yorkdale has some neat stuff. Instead I spent a lot of time sitting on a bench reading a history of the 100 Years War. I like reading – but I would have liked to look around more.

3) There isn’t a comfortable way to sit. I can’t stand, I can’t sit, and I can’t spend the entire day on my back. The pain while I’m at work messes up my concentration, and makes me somewhat evil tempered.

4) There’s work around the house I should be doing (none of the kids are capable of doing it, and a lot of it is stuff I know how to do, but can’t explain (electrical work for instance).

I do have an appointment to see a pain doctor – but it’s in the middle of next month. In the meantime I’m chewing through Tylenol 3’s like their candy – ran out tonight, got to go see the doctor tomorrow and get another prescription.