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It’s the Economy

The Canadian economy is hurting. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who understands how business works, but appears to have surprised the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats…

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2015 and a Federal Election

Yep, it’s 2015, and we have a Federal Election coming. Gotta love elections, they are soooo much fun to write about. What I can tell you right now is that all four National parties are screaming for cash (the Bloc … Continue reading

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Comparing Murder Rates

Clayton E. Cramer posted an article on PJ Media about the difference in murder rates between Canada and the United States. Part of the point he was trying to make is that gun laws aren’t necessarily behind the differences in … Continue reading

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Ontario Provincial Election 2015

I overheard a discussion about what Rob Ford really is… It got rather, well, negative. There are a lot of people who don’t like Rob Ford.

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The Greens are set to win the 2015 Federal Election

Yes, the Green Party of Canada will win the 2015 Federal Election. How do I know? The Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic Parties told me.

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Bug Crushing, Microsoft, and the NSA

Ever wonder why Microsoft has historically been so bad at crushing bugs? I think I know why.

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NSA Spying Scandal – An Analysis

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following the NSA Spying Scandal closely. In fact, I’ve been following it for several years, since before I first ran into Barrett Brown. Seriously. The leaks about go back a long way, and … Continue reading

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