Ice Fishing

Was down by the lake Wednesday, and took pictures of the ice fishing huts.

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Guilty Pleasures – Scientology

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. One of mine is watching the Church of Scientology. They are so weird…

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Sad Puppies 3

Sad Puppies Logo

If you are a fan, you probably know what the Hugo Awards are. At least I hope you know…

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It’s the Economy

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf

The Canadian economy is hurting. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who understands how business works, but appears to have surprised the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats…

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DeChroming my Life

Google Chrome

A while back I switched to Google Chrome, because Firefox was having issues.

Today I switched back to Firefox because Google Chrome is having issues.

Isn’t life fun?


Wayne Borean

Saturday February 7, 2015


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Market Share vs Total Units Sold

Here’s an important point – sometimes market share isn’t all that important.

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Apple – An Analysis

Apple iMac G3 1998 with thanks to Nafije Shabani


There was a discussion on the Communities Dominate Brands blog, Baron95 (don’t know his/her real name) and Tomi Ahonen were discussing Apple. It was obvious that there were a couple of things about Apple that they were missing, so I’m writing this as an explanation.

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