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You scored 80 Hero Points!
The badass from Xmen. You’re real name is James Howlett , but you dont
know that. You hang out with the Xmen but only really to bang Jean. You
can heal and have claws that extend from your knuckles. They make a
cool can opener
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 50% on Hero Points

Link: The Which Superhero/Savior Are You Test written by Etchelion on Ok Cupid

Death Test

OK, OK. It’s time to go to sleep – but I did think that was interesting:

The Death Test


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According to our research, you’ll be dead by

September 2031
at age 75

– probable cause –

heart attack
YOU DIE: 74.8 years

As you can plainly see, you have more health & vitality than the average man.

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function drawGraph(pct) {

56% heart attack
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds
You have 9624.3 days left on this earth.
You’ve already lived 65% of your life.

Across all 547320 test takers.

15% smoke.
41% have health insurance.
4% eat a lot of nice beef.
39% hold in farts.
12% are impressed with themselves.
The top cause of death among relatives was cancer.
The most widely suffered ailment among takers is high blood pressure.
The average day for an OkCupid user involves 7.8 hours of sleep and 1.1 movements of the bowel.
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function showIcon() {
var x = Math.round(Math.random() * 3 – 0.5);

if (!x){

var i = Math.round(Math.random() * 3 – 0.5);
var icon = "icon" + i + ".gif";
var icon_align;
if (i) icon_align="left";
else icon_align="right";


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// “I remember my Grandmother always hated my moustache and long hair. One day I walked up to the back door of her house, and when she saw me she shook her finger and said “Hippy, hippy!”I looked over my shoulder quickly and said, “Where?”

She laughed, and her campaign to get me to shave and cut my hair was put off for a week. ”
—WB, Richmond Hill

// “My Brother Died May 8 2002 of a cancerous brain tumor….every year we hold a car show in his memory and raise money to benefit the charities that helped him through his sickness…My truck is designed to honor him and his way of life…I LOVE YOU BILL Love ALways AMY”
—AC, Missouri

// “i love my grandpa he died 8 years ago and i still cry alot bout it.”
—kas, usa

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How Your Friends Did:


Maureen O'Gara

Some people make my teeth grate. Maureen O’Gara is one of them.

Her new article in Client Server News has stepped so far over the line that I don’t know if she’ll ever make it back. The article, “Who is Pamela Jones,” is a blatant attack on PJ, the proprietor of Groklaw, the legal blog.

The article was echoed across the entire Sys-Con publishing network, angering the editorial staff of one of the magazines – two of them have stated that if she isn’t dumped they are no longer interested in working there.

There’s low, and then there’s Maureen. After this stunt she could walk under a snake while wearing a top hat.

And I’m not the only one who feels this way, check out this story: