EBooks vs Paper Books

There’s been a lot of discussion about EBooks and Paper books. A lot of the arguments have been anecdotal. Let’s look at some numbers.

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Sparks in the Wind by Shirley Meier

Sparks in the Wind
Sparks in the Wind by Shirley Meier

With great joy, I want to announce the re-release of Shirley Meier’s book, Sparks in the Wind.

I had a lot of fun editing the book. I also came to love the characters. Shirley has written a book which is exciting, uplifting, and well, incredible. But rather than believing me, why don’t you read it yourself?

Sparks is currently available as an ebook from:



Barnes and Noble



We are working on getting Sparks into the Sony and Diesel stores as well, and if there is enough requests, we’ll look at going to a print run.

Now I’m editing The Clarion by Michael Badillo. A long with writing a half dozen more short stories 🙂


Wayne Borean

Owner, Argilla Tabula Publishing

Friday September 20, 2013

Mega – A Fantastic New Resource for Writers

Mega - Kim Dotcom's new File Locker
Mega – Kim Dotcom’s new File Locker

Kim Dotcom is a maniac. But a smart maniac. He’s just offered every creative person on the planet 50 Gigabytes of free cloud storage!

Think about it. You’re a writer. You’ve got a thousand text/document files that maybe take up a gigabyte at worst. Lose them, and you are out of business. Yes, you can back them up. What if your house burns down taking out your computer and backup drive?

Having an additional encrypted backup on the Cloud, that is accessible anywhere, anytime, is a fantastic option. And as long as you keep under 50 Gigabytes, it’s free.

Last but not least, the interface is usable. I’ve seen file management systems that look like they were designed by Satan. This one is good. Also I’ve heard rumours of people building automatic backup systems for Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows systems…

For that matter Indie Publishers should consider it. Backup, backup, backup.

I’m signed up. Are you?


Wayne Borean

Monday January 21, 2013

Book "Consumption" Survey

Book Eater
Book Eater

The Publishing Perspectives website is running a book “consumption” survey. Right, so they think we are eating the books…

Seriously though, there’s not enough information on how reading habits have shifted in the first half of 2012. Please pass this link around, and ask your friends to pass it around too. The more people who take part in the survey, the more accurate it will be.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday May 9, 2012

Amazon Isn't Evil (But…)

Unlike with Amazon, it's easy to understand what Kleo wants...
Unlike with Amazon, it's easy to understand what Kleo wants...

Amazon isn’t evil. Amazon isn’t good. Amazon is a company, and morality isn’t something that a company can partake of. The individuals who work for the company, yes. The company itself, no.

This article is aimed at Small Press publishers, and Self Published writers, but the general terms will fit any industry where there is one dominant company.

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The New World of Publishing: The Big Hurry – A Different Look

Dean Wesley Smith
Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith has been writing an excellent series of articles titled The New World of Publishing. I highly recommend them. The only problem is that Dean knows his subject so well, that sometimes his presentation isn’t clear. I came at this from Sales, and while I was considered lousy at presentations, I think I can do a little something to make his one article, which consists of a horde of numbers, a bit easier to understand. Let’s look at The New World of Publishing: The Big Hurry in a different way.

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What Scares the Boogeyman?

John Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare painted in 1781
John Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare painted in 1781

Here’s something that should have horror fans shivering in their boots. John Manning is editing an anthology titled “What Scares the Boogeyman” for Perseid Publishing!

Since John is a friend of mine, I prevailed upon him to send me some of the stories he has accepted for publication. Folks, you are in for a treat!

What Scares the Boogeyman will be published in the Autumn of 2012. Halloween may never be the same. Some of the stories John has accepted and issued contracts for are:

I also know about some of the ones that haven’t had contracts signed yet. All I can say about those is that you will be blown away, totally and utterly blown away. I mean what can you do with Bad Mustard?


Wayne Borean

Wednesday December 7, 2011