The supposed right wing

What people consider “Right Wing” bothers me.

Neo-Nazis. Republicans. Criminals of all sorts. Well guess what folks – they are no more right wing then Joe Stalin.

Ever here of a corporate statist? Corporate Statists are known for a strong belief that government should support the corporate sector, especially the big corporations. If you read the reports on the Alexis de Tocqueville site (as an example) you will note that all of them favor corporate interests. Famous Corporate Statists include Adolf Hitler, George W. Bush, and Jean Chretien.

A Canadian Politician once coined the phrase “Corporate Welfare Bums.” People laughed at him, but man was he ever right. You got a car company that is looking for a place to build a plant, you got a car company looking for government handouts. Who’s money is the government giving them? Yours and mine.

In short “Socialism for Companies.”

It really bothers me when people refer to these jerks as right wing, when they are really so far left that many of them were happy to deal with Joe Stalin.

I’m right wing. The real right wing. The people I work with won’t talk politics with me – my views scare the living daylights out of them.

The real right wing upholds the rights of the individual above all else. Many right wingers are therefore open source fans, since open source enhances the individuals rights.

The true conservative (right winger)is a paragon of moral virtue, who considers the individual first. Individuals are the foundation of society, not governments or corporations. Governments and Corporations exist only to serve the individual.

A true conservative believes in freedom – freedom to choose, whether it’s sexuality, lifestyle, or type of software.

And a true conservative believes in responsibility. Responsibility for what he or she does, responsibility for what he or she owes, responsibility to their brothers and sisters of whatever faith or color, and responsibility not to foul our home.

That’s what a true conservative believes in – not the corporate dominated interchangeable political parties that exist in North America today.

It is to weep…