Microfear – The “mighty” Microsoft and its fear of the future? – Reprint Courtesy of OpenBytes

My thanks to Tim of OpenBytes – I saw this, and thought he had covered the issues quite nicely, so I asked if I could reprint the article. Tim kindly gave his permission. Thanks Tim!

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World of Warcraft – Account Investigation Scam


I hate scammers. I really do. WoWAccountAdmin@blizzard.com is telling me that I’ve tried to sell my personal World of Warcraft accounts. Since I don’t place World of Warcraft this is mildly amusing. Even if I did play World of Warcraft I’m a nasty, mean, suspicious old coot, and I wouldn’t fall for something like this.

But there are people who do, so warn your friends. A copy of the full spam email is below the break for reference.


Wayne Borean

Monday August 8, 2011

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The Comment Wars

The Author and his Deceased Editor
The Author and his Deceased Editor

To start off I’d like to make a sad announcement. Sam, my Beagle Dog, the handsome little guy who I’m holding in the picture above, who I’ve referred to as my “Editor in Chief” (he sat beside me when I wrote every article for the last four years) died in June. He was chasing a rabbit, and it cut across a road. Sam didn’t look.

He is greatly missed by the family, and by his pack mate Rose..

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