The Next Big Thing

Motorola Dynatac Phone from the 1980s image courtesy Redrum0486 CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia Commons)

This is a repost of a comment of mine in the Communities Dominate Brands blog on a post by Tomi Ahonen about theĀ iPhone 5SE. It has been heavily edited to fix spelling and grammar errors, and links have been added.

I do however strongly suggest reading all the comments on Tomi’s post to get a feel for what pushed me into putting my Futurist hat on this late at night!

There’d been the usual war games between the iSheep and the Fandroids about when Apple or Android was going to crash because [insert appropriate company name here] wouldn’t be able to adapt to the Next Big Thing. This got me thinking about what the next big thing could be…

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