The Newest Spam Trick

I hate SPAMMERS. Spam itself is rather amusing. Back when UseNet was still popular, I used to hang out in ALT.SEX.CTHULHU with the other crazies, and we’d parody spam posts. Never forget the one where some poor sod posted a survey about sex, and I answered back…

Now all Spammers are interested in is money, and they are BORING. Here’s the latest to hit the comment moderation software.

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F35 Joint Strike Fighter – Revisited

F-35C on Test Flight
F-35C on Test Flight – from Wikipedia

On November 2, 2010 I wrote F35 Joint Strike Fighter – The Biggest Procurement Mistake Ever. The conclusions I drew at the time weren’t rocket science. They were based on simple basic economics, and Canada’s long term military requirements as they’ve existed since the Second World War.

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