Friday Morning

I dropped in at the gas station to grab a coke this morning on my way to work. Just after I pulled out back onto Bayview Avenue I noticed something moving ut of the corner of my eye. I took a good look, and saw a baby bird hanging onto the windshield wiper for dear life!

I quickly got turned around, went back to the gas station, and parked as close as possible to where I’d parked before, driving carefully so that the poor thing wouldn’t get blown off. I got out, went around the van, and found that the baby bird was so terrified that he/she wasn’t going to let go of the windshield wiper.

I finally got the cute little thing loose – a the while being told what an idiot I was by the bird’s mother, who was trying to teach the rest of the brood how to fly, and put him on the ground near her.

5 minutes later driving along the highway I realized that I could have taken pictures with my cell phone, and I really wish I had. I think I’ll remember the look of terror on the poor things face for the rest of my life. But at least I got it back to mommy.