Good things happen too

After all the doom and gloom in the news over the last week, I felt I had to write something a bit more up-beat.

My daughter has spent that last three weeks at The Hospital for Sick Children, and Toronto Institution well known for the excellent care it gives. She had two surgeries, and was in pretty rough shape after both, but is bouncing back beautifully, due to the care and and attention given her by the staff there.

Without naming names (because I’m sure to miss someone), the staff was fantastic. Great nurses (both male and female), the surgeon was wonderful, and while I’m glad she’ll be coming home in a day or two I’ll actually miss going there.

Just consider this – a hospital that explains what’s going on to the child first! Then they ask the parents if they have questions. For a child of any age being treated like a REAL human being makes a huge difference.

One of us was there with her almost all of the time – my wife mostly, but I stayed several nights, and our 18 year old son also stayed with here. We were welcomed with open arms (at least until they heard me snore), and made to feel at home.

In short it’s a great place.