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Spam Comments

The amount of comment spam has gone out of control. I’m not the only one facing the problem, I’ve heard the same from other writers using WordPress on their sites. So, I’ve changed the rules. You have to be logged … Continue reading

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Yes, I haven’t been around a lot. Quite frankly the pain has been so bad that even the Morphine hasn’t been controlling it. This is not fun. But I’m going to drive myself to do stuff. Whether I do things … Continue reading

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2013 in Review – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2013 has been an interesting year. Or, as Mr. Spock would have said, “Fascinating.”

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Maybe I’m weird, but I find Statistics fun. So here’s a list of the most popular articles on my blog. You’ll note that they cover a range of interests. My mind wanders into a lot of strange places…

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2011 Blog Report

I really should try to keep up with my email. Jetpack, the WordPress stats add-on sent me an email with a report on what I did in 2011, and I only noticed it today. It had some interesting statistics. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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The Comment Wars

To start off I’d like to make a sad announcement. Sam, my Beagle Dog, the handsome little guy who I’m holding in the picture above, who I’ve referred to as my “Editor in Chief” (he sat beside me when I … Continue reading

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Annexing my tiny slice of the Intertubes

Well hello denizens of the internets! Particularly those who are frequenting the Madhatter’s blog! I am happy to make your acquaintance.

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