Annexing my tiny slice of the Intertubes

Well hello denizens of the internets! Particularly those who are frequenting the Madhatter’s blog! I am happy to make your acquaintance.

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Trademark Squatters 0001 – OutbackZack

Trademark Squatters have become a huge problem in the last couple of years. The value of a mark in commerce is immense, but often marks are not registered, with the owner depending upon common law recognition of rights.

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The Major Labels Think That They Own The Independent Artists – Do They?

Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson

Love him or hate him, Michael Robertson tends to get a fair bit of press where music is concerned. He is the founder and former CEO of digital music pioneer He is currently the CEO of music locker company MP3tunes. Not exactly the sort of guy you can ignore. You can sue him from here to eternity, and the major labels have, but you can’t ignore him.

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Snow Leopard Font Update Requires Reboot

Apple Inc. builds nicely designed computers, with a nice looking, stable, virus proof operating system. But…

When you wake up on a Saturday morning wanting to write an article, and find out that your laptop computer wants to install an operating system update, well, no big deal. When you find out that it wants to reboot when you intended to get some work done, that’s a damned annoyance. Being me, I then check to find out exactly why. Because that’s what I do after all, and my Linux boxes NEVER reboot.

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