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Copyright in Canada – Time to Revisit the Subject

  Back to Copyright. Why? Because a member of the now defunct Balanced Copyright for Canada Facebook Group, who happened to be working for EMI at the time, has asked me to take a post down that quotes him.

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Gene Quinn’s Experience with Plagiarism

Gene Quinn has a problem. He’s found out that while the Internet is a great way to get your ideas to a wider audience, it’s also a great way to meet jerks.

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Hypocrisy in Hollywood

With thanks to Peter Kim! Created by: Paralegal.net

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The Real Reason for Bill C-11/ACTA/SOPA/PIPA

One of the major complaints from the Motion Picture Association of America has been how can you budget a high-priced thriller, if you can’t charge huge amounts of money for tickets? They keep asking this question, even though they know … Continue reading

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Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0012 – Sony Corporation

The largest copyright pirates are the large corporations, particularly in the content distribution business. Yes, those companies who scream the loudest that their customers are ‘pirating’ movies, songs, books, etc. In this series, we are going to look at cases … Continue reading

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Futurist Prediction Update – Copyright – Update 1

I’ve written about Copyright since 2008. My original articles were explanatory, for friends and relatives. That changed when Doctor Mihály Ficsor borrowed Barry Sookman’s blog. That post, which consisted of so many inaccuracies that I couldn’t count them, got me … Continue reading

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Futurist Prediction – The CPU Registry – And You Thought the Long Gun Registry Was Bad…

If you think the Long-Gun Registry was a debacle, think again. Wait till you see the CPU Registry.

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Copyright Wars Volume 4 is now Published

Copyright Wars Volume 4 has now been published. It was rather fun reading the old posts, and looking at the things that have changed, and have not changed since I originally wrote the articles. Regards Wayne Borean Saturday December 3, … Continue reading

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Email to Costas Menegakis, Member of Parliament, Richmond Hill

Dear Costas, Thanks for replying to my email. You seem to have missed the points I was trying to make, so I’m going to lay them out carefully. This will be a long email.

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Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0011a – Hephaestus Books – Follow Up

On October 31, 2011, I wrote about the Hephaestus Books scam, following a blog post by award-winning writer C. J. Cherryh. Since CJ spotted the problem, a variety of things have happened.

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