Douglas Wilson – Narcissistic Pastor

Douglas Wilson's Blog
Doug WIlson's blog image
Douglas WIlson’s blog image

I’ve been following the various Douglas Wilson incidents for the last year. The various things that have happened have had me shaking my head in disbelief. Some of his statements on his blog have been so off the wall that they read like satire. I really wish they were satire…

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The Green Pope

I’m happy. Really happy. Why? Because Pope Benedict has declared “polluting” a sin!

I’m not a Catholic, and don’t believe in Papal Infallibility as a doctrine, but I do believe that Pope Benedict was divinely inspired when he preached this, and I’d like to join those worldwide who are cheering him on.

Oh, and the Vatican is now Carbon Neutral. Let’s see the other denominations follow in the footsteps of the Catholics.