The Robert Anson Heinlein Discussions

Robert Anson Heinlein, image from Wikimedia
Robert Anson Heinlein, image from Wikimedia

A lot of people have been writing about Robert Anson Heinlein recently. This isn’t surprising since he was one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century.

But most of the people mentioning him don’t seem to:

a) Have read Heinlein

b) Have understood what Heinlein wrote

I was never lucky enough to meet Heinlein. I wish I had, his writing has had a huge impact on my thinking, and writing. I’m going to try and, well, untangle things.

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Understanding the World

OK. I’m going to tell an allegory. This is inspired by a blog post written by Sarah Hoyt. Sarah and I disagree on some things. That’s fine, I disagree with just about everyone.

What matters more than our disagreement, is understanding why we disagree. In my opinion too many people view the world in a simplistic fashion. I suspect that they think I view the world as too complex. Our opinions are based on the sum total of our experiences, and I was looking for a way to explain that. For that, I choose allegory.

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Barrett Brown – Hurting the Government by Believing in the Constitution

Barrett Brown courtesy D Magazine
Barrett Brown courtesy D Magazine

I know Barrett Brown. Not well, but we’ve spent time chatting online, and he’s a nice guy. A damned nice guy. I wasn’t online the night he got raided, but I could have been.

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The Revolution Began in 1969…

Scene of the Battle of Vertières during the Haitian Revolution
Scene of the Battle of Vertières during the Haitian Revolution

It’s rather amazing how many Americans freak out about Marxists, and spend huge amounts of time thinking about Marxist plans for a revolution. What they don’t realize is that the revolution began in 1969, is still ongoing, and that it wasn’t the Marxists, or any of the other ‘ists’ who started it, and it won’t be any of them who wins it.

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Gun Control and the Constitution

Michael Z. Williamson from his website

Over on his blog, The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse, Michael wrote an article about gun control, one of probably ten thousand that have been written since the slaughter at Sandy Hook. Michael is getting the mention because I think he’s a damned good writer, and I can kill two birds with one stone.

Tell you to buy his books (link here) and short stories (Michael is in the Sha’Daa and Heroes in Hell anthology series).

Now that I’ve done my advertising for the day, let’s take a look at what the United States Constitution actually says, and what an activist court has done to it.

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