Why the Winter Olympics are More Important Than the Summer Olympics

Let’s face it. The Summer Olympics are for wusses. You have a bunch of athletes running around next to naked because it’s so warm. Now is this realistic? No. It’s just an excuse to show as much T & A as possible on TV.

The Winter Olympics are the real Olympics. Ask any Canadian. The Winter Olympics have all of the best sports. Seriously. Look at the speed skaters – they move a lot faster than runners. Or the Snowboarders – there’s nothing like snowboarding in the Summer Games. Hockey – the fastest and most violent sport in the world – only in the Winter Games. Ice Dance – one of the most beautiful of all sports.

The Summer Games are fun. Just look at all those tanned bodies. But the Winter Games are what matter.

I am a Canadian. If Ice and Snow aren’t involved, it’s not a real sport.

If you wonder why I haven’t been writing or answering emails for the last couple of weeks – now you know. I’ve been glued to the TV set watching the greatest sporting event on earth. I promise to get back to work now 🙂


The Olympics

I enjoy watching the Olympics. I really do. But at times I feel guilty. When I think of Tibet, when I think of the mess in Georgia, when I think of global warming, I don’t think the Olympics are as important.

But I’m not always good at saying things, so instead I’d like to refer you to someone who does say things well, even though English is not his first language. Olympic Nationalisms is a good article, that encapsulates how I feel, and does so far better than I could, even though the writer’s native tongue is Italian.