I got about 6K words in, and ran into a couple of road blocks:

1) The plot wanted to die.

2) My sinuses were revolting.

I waited till my sinuses started to behave, looked things over, and well it’s just not going to work. I think I could make it work, given some more experience, but not right now.

So as of this afternoon I started out fresh. Totally different concept, plot, characters, setting, everything. I managed 600 words in the first half hour, and I’m going to keep at it. But I’m going to need to average 4K words/day for the next week to get caught up.




OK, I’m up to 3000 words now. Would have gotten further, but when I went to use my laptop during lunch I found out the battery was dead. Guess I forgot to shut it down. Oh well…

Overall though it’s going very well. There’s a certain flow that you get when somethings working.

Note that I’m not claiming that it’s perfect – it isn’t. But I’ve never had the experience of having a story try to write itself before. It’s really neat, and I think I should be able to hit 50K words easily by the end of the month, and there’s a half baked chance it may be good enough to sell!