Medical Technology – Nerve Block

I underwent a nerve block this morning, to help control the chronic pain I’ve been in for the last fifteen years. I’d had one before, which gave me a week of relatively low level pain, and based on what I’ve been told, the second nerve block generally lasts longer. Quite frankly I hope it does – I don’t do pain well.

Last week when I was thinking of the appointment, the idea of recording it popped into my head. I wasn’t sure that the Doctor would approve, but it wasn’t going to be hard to carry the equipment (a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS and a table top tripod), so I decided to bring the equipment, and ask the Doctor if he minded.

Doctor Rouzati was at first somewhat taken aback by the idea. But he decided he liked it. They don’t have any pictures or videos showing the procedure, and a lot of people who it might help are apparently nervous about it. He asked me if I could supply a copy of the video so that they could use it, and I happily agreed.

So here it is – a video of a Nerve Block procedure. I’ve edited the start and finish to make the video shorter – the procedure itself has not been edited.

Wayne Borean

Wednesday January 13, 2010 – 9:45 PM

PS: Rogers Cable claims to supply the ‘fastest high speed internet.’ Based on how long it took to upload a 778 megabyte video to YouTube, I think that truth in advertising should require them to advertise the ‘slowest high speed internet.’ Over 2 hours and it’s still not finished.


Now this is interesting

I was surfing, looking for alternative pain relief options, and thought, what the heck, let’s look at medical marijuana again. And while I’m reading up on it, I come across a reference about Sativex, a marijuana derivative, that is a level 3 drug (level 3 means it’s regarded as unlikely to be abused). I’m going to talk to my pain doctor about it.