New ARM Chips Cause Internet Forum Wars – Could Hurt Intel Badly

Depending upon who you believe (and me being me, I believe nobody), Apple may be designing their own CPU, based on ARM technology. Apple has a job posting for a CPU designer on the Mac side of the business. Seriously. The Mac side. This has caused a lot of excitement in forums across the internet.

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Possible Future Tectonic Shifts In The Electronics Industry

First and foremost – Merry Christmas to all.

Yes, it’s 6:00 AM on Christmas Day. I’m up, and my silly puppies are up (they woke me to let them outside about an hour ago). Since everyone else is in bed, and I can’t open presents until they are up, I am writing.

Me and my assistant.

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Climate Change Redux

It continually amazes me how intelligent people can be fooled.

Take Climate Change. I know a lot of people who don’t believe that humans can have any effect upon climate. Others think that there’s still question about the issue. It’s not that they are stupid. It’s that there are a lot of people with a vested interest in fooling the general public, mostly because if could hurt their profits.

Over  year ago I wrote Astroturf in the Climate Change discussion, which covered how industry has been using fake organizations to fool the general public. Things have only gotten worse since. So I thought it was time to visit the topic again.

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Software Licensing – Don't Complain If You Don't Like The License

Over and over again, I hear complaints about software licensing. The two main complaints are always the same:

1) Proprietary Licenses are too restrictive.

2) The General Public License is too restrictive.

Do you see a theme here?

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The Death Of Mono Or How To Annoy Thousands With Four Words

Mono, the Open Source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET programming environment (the Common Language Infrastructure) , has probably caused more page views, than any other programming environment. Ever.

There’s a variety of issues people have had with Mono, but almost everyone has missed the main point.

Who In Their Right Mind Would Want Microsoft Technology On Their Linux Operating System Computer?

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