Global Warming – An Alternate Viewpoint – Part 2

OK, so I’m running a bit late. My apologies, life got a bit exciting…

Back to Global Warming. Why do so many people listen to the opinions of “Experts” who don’t have a clue? Let’s take Al Gore.

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Canadian Government Wasting Taxpayers Money On The Oil Sands

Tony Clement in front of the Chevy Volt
Tony Clement in front of the Chevy Volt

On January the 12th, 2011, Industry Minister Tony Clement had his picture taken at the Detroit Auto Show with General Motors of Canada President Kevin Williams charging a Chevy Volt. The Chevy Volt, along with the Nissan Leaf and other electric and hybrid electric vehicles are going to be game changers. I’m willing to stick my neck out, and predict that by the 2015 model year, half of all vehicles sold in North America will be electric, or Plug-In hybrid electric. Continue reading “Canadian Government Wasting Taxpayers Money On The Oil Sands”

The Green Pope

I’m happy. Really happy. Why? Because Pope Benedict has declared “polluting” a sin!

I’m not a Catholic, and don’t believe in Papal Infallibility as a doctrine, but I do believe that Pope Benedict was divinely inspired when he preached this, and I’d like to join those worldwide who are cheering him on.

Oh, and the Vatican is now Carbon Neutral. Let’s see the other denominations follow in the footsteps of the Catholics.

Earth Hour

I went out to the variety store to pick up some chocolate, and on my way out noticed that one of the papers had an article on Earth Hour. I stopped and read it, fascinated with the idea.

The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney Australia on March 29 last year. At 8:00 PM they asked everyone to turn off their lights for one hour. The hope was that the electricity consumption of the city would drop by 5%. Instead it dropped by 10%.

This year Earth Hour is hoped to be worldwide – so on March 29, 2008 turn out your lights for one hour, and send a message to government and industry about your concern for Global Warming.

You can sign up on the Earth Hour website at: