What to say? Hey, by most people’s standards I’m crazy. I see things that other people don’t see, and think in ways that most people can’t. Which is why I’ve been known as ‘The Mad Hatter’ for over twenty years.

Because of my physical condition (nerve damage) I am no longer capable of working full time. Since I can’t work, I’m writing. And looking for work as a writer. If you have any needs, feel free to contact me.

Currently I’m working on a book about the Township of Markham School System, where I spent grades one to six, in some of the last one room school houses that were in use in Ontario. The Township School Board was able to do some amazing things, with virtually no budget. We had students who became politicians, athletes (including at least one who won an Olympic medal), farmers, accountants, engineers, housewives, and just about everything you can imagine.

You can contact me at 647-864-7846 or wborean at gmail.com.

Wayne Borean

Legal Information: All of the posts here are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License unless otherwise noted.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi..

    You’re the same guy who replied to the comment on the post discussing RMS’s Bread right? You did it in a style like excreting venom thinking strongly that the comment was written to spread FUD, while it was just an effort to ask a genuine question.

    Just saw this blog of yours, and saw you’re writing in the same manner here too like some medieval barbarians are raiding, destroying your home and you have to stop them at all cost with all your might, grit and ferocity. And in the process, you are sounding like one of the barbarians.

    Please calm down. Wise ones control themselves. Please show some sophistication. Write like it is a result of careful objective thinking. Once in a while discuss the positive points of your enemies and drawbacks in the theories that you believe in, too. Writing every post in one direction means you foolishly think that there is nothing wrong with your theories and everything plane wrong with others’.

    And about Free s/w, will send you some questions now and then. Please try to understand them and answer without taking it as a personal attack on your beliefs or your beloved RMS.

    1. RMS’s Magic Bread? Remember reading the post, don’t remember commenting on it, though I might have. Of course the story is mirrored all over the place, and since you didn’t bother to provide a link, I couldn’t check.

      As to my writing style, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. I write how I like, when I like, about whatever I feel like, for my purposes.

  2. I appreciate you reading my comment, posting it here and even answering it. Thank you..

    Here is the link: http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/05/rms-and-his-magic-bread.html . And here is the permalink to the comment: http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/05/rms-and-his-magic-bread.html?showComment=1245620183398#c9031877237586769921 . Sorry I missed it out. And I’m sorry if you are not this same guy. I got the impression because it was only second time I was coming across this name ‘Mad Hatter’ when I visited this blog and found the writing style pretty similar.

    About writing style, see, we are writing blogs, and that means we are not writing a personal diary. So that implies that we are writing it for someone to read it. And that means we should care about what readers think about it, even if very few or only one of the readers (as maybe in my case here), think something negative about it. So if you take every reader’s feedback into just even a slight consideration given the number of readers and their vastly extreme views, you’ll be most appreciated.

    1. Yes, that was me all right. I thought I was rather restrained considering I was dealing with a troll, a species for which I have no affection.

      As to writing style – this blog was started as a way for me to practice writing, and that’s still what it is. You’ll notice a lot of variability, as I try different things. If I wanted to change the world, I’d name myself something like Stephen Harper or Barack Obama. I’m just me.

    1. A long time ago I used to swing a shovel. There’s a park in the Town of Markham that I spend a summer, along with five other men, landscaping. That’s work. Hard, physical work. These days, I couldn’t manage to swing a shovel for longer than fifteen minutes without collapsing!

      Yes, writing is work. It’s hard work. There’s times it turns my brains into a puddle of porridge.

      But it’s not the same as swinging a shovel.


  3. Hey Wayne. Have you heard about the recent lobbying by several organizations (the CMA and ESA of Canada among them) who are lobbying for essentially spyware exceptions in the latest anti-spam law? (Articles on MichaelGeist.ca, latest entries)

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