Happy New Year

Princess, Rose, and Kleopatra
o Princess, Rose, and Kleopatra

That’s what things looked like, in the run up to Christmas at our place. Princess got to avoid wearing a costume. She revolted after we made her wear a Santa hat five or six years ago, and told us never again.

As to Rose and Kleopatra, well, they are bribable. The two of them will do just about anything for peanut butter doggie training treats!

A Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope that 2014 will be wonderful.

Oh, and starting tomorrow, I’m going to be writing a series of articles on Global Warming. They won’t be the typical article you read though. I think different.


Wayne Borean

December 31, 2013



The Battle for Ebulon

The Battle for Ebulon
The Battle for Ebulon

Yes, I have a short story in this, my first shared world venture. I’m working on another shared world story right now, will tell you if it sells.

Oh, and the dogs gave me a reflective vest for Father’s Day.


I think Rose and Kleo are hinting that I need to take them for more walks. Unfortunately it’s spring, which means mosquito season. Long walks at night leave you thinking that living next to Castle Dracula probably wasn’t all that bad…


Friday June 7, 2013


Mark, Our Favorite Puppy, R.I.P.

I’ve joked many times about my helpers. One of my helpers, Mark, a 13 year old German Shepard/Husky/Wolf cross died on New Years Day.

Mark was my Dad’s dog. He’d asked his younger brother who had a farm in Sundridge Ontario if he knew where he could get a puppy, and Uncle Lindo delivered this golden colored, curly tailed, pointy eared goof, with enormous paws. Dad didn’t think Mark would get very big. Fifty some odd pounds later Dad conceeded that Mark was a bit bigger than he’d expected. Didn’t matter. The two were made for each other.

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Merry Christmas to All!

I’ve been somewhat distracted over the last few months, between one thing and another, my apologies for not being around. In the mean time I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Mark playing Santa for Sam and the Kittens.

The Poor, Poor, Puppy

I took Mark outside to do his business just before Canada’s Worst Handyman was about to start. We’d just gotten into the back yard, when there was a bright, bright flash. About 4 second later there was a huge “Kaboom.” Mark jumped about 6 feet straight up, and took off for the door like a shot. He stood outside the door barking his fool head off, until Ian let him in (I was still making my way to the door). He ended up sitting on the couch shivering, and only settled down when number1catlover sat on him.

Poor, pitiful puppy.

I'm glad this long weekend is nearly over

More fireworks tonight. Poor Mark has been terrified all evening. Having a 50 pound mut trying to climb onto your lap while typing is rather interesting…

I finally got him settled in Heather’s chair, where he can rest his head on my arm, and he’s starting to settle down a bit, poor thing.

Feeding the beasts

There’s times that you read something that is so obvious, well, lets just say I’m in shock.

A bit of background. We have 7 cats, and a dog. They all get along fairly well. You get the usual dominance things, which can be amusing, but overall the house is not a war zone, and the five of us love our furry four footed friends.

Today Heather was reading an article posted at Stuff on My Cat titled Why Is Your Cat Fat? Or, Your Cat Is A Carnivore. She told me about it, I read it, and I started thinking.

Soot is fat. An 18 month old cat shouldn’t be fat. Nor should he be hanging around the sink, trying to drink from the tap all the time.

Princess is still recovering from having kittens. We’ve tried to make sure she had extra food, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

Several of the others have issues. Weight for instance. We have several fat cats. The only one who looks really healthy is Lucky, who is also the only one who gets outside at all.

All of them eat dry food. Standard stuff from the local supermarket. After reading that article, I think we’ve been inadvertently poisoning the poor things by feeding them supermarket pet food. If you have cats, I’d suggest that you read that article. It’s kind of scary. We’re going to change our little friends diet over the next couple of weeks, and see if they look healthier.

Wedding Bells

My cousin got married yesterday. Her second, his first. She’s known Heather longer than I have, and neither of us had seen Cathy since my Dad’s funeral, so we were really looking forward to attending. Cathy looked great. In fact I think she looked happier yesterday than I’ve seen her look in over 20 years, and it made me really happy to see her like that – she’s always been one of my favorite cousins, she’s a great person, and she deserves some pleasure from life.

I also saw her older brother and his wife, for the first time in close to 20 years, and some of her mother’s family from Newfoundland. All in all it was a great day, and it’s being a good weekend.

Except for poor Mark – take a look at my new userpic. That’s my little buddy. My little buddy who’s terrified of fireworks, and Monday is our Victoria Day holiday, what when I was a kid we called “Firecracker Day.” Poor thing has spent most of the weekend a shivering wreck. It’s a real adventure when a 50 pound mutt is so terrified that he tries to sit on your knee….

Above is a picture of Vicky and Princess trying to comfort the poor, timid, beastie.